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Little bridesmaids, little princesses

One of the most exciting moments at the wedding is the entrance of the bride, the protagonist: as soon as she gets out of the car, she goes towards the altar on her father's arm on the notes of the wedding song, where her partner will wait for her to say the fateful “yes” that is valid a lifetime.

In order to make this moment more unforgettable, the bride can choose an 'American' entrance, it means, the bride preceded by the "Ring Bearer" and the "Flower Girl", they were chosen among the children of relatives and friends adding even more emotion.

The girls have a natural predisposition for parties and weddings, they live them like a fairy tale, in which the bride is the protagonist together with her prince charming, so there is no doubt they will carry out their task very seriously.

The bridesmaids' dresses? The bride will decide how to dress the flower girls, choosing a simple and elegant dress in harmony with the colour and style of the bride's dress. Clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles: have to be included in the budget.
But please pay attention! The Ring Bearers and the Flower Girls have to walk a few feet in front of the bride, otherwise they will cover her wonderful dress.

Do not forget the pictures made with all children and a special gift for the flower girls, that make the best day of your life even sweeter.
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